Esso™ Medals of Achievement | How To
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How to register.

Registration is easier than ever.

Whether you’re enrolling one team or an entire association, simply visit and fill in the required fields to get started.

Once registered, your kit will arrive by mail in approximately 8-10 weeks.

Have questions? Get in touch at

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Inside the kit.

Every Esso Medals of Achievement kit includes:

  • Three medals (Most Dedicated, Most Sportsmanlike, Most Improved)
  • 70 Achievement Helmet Stickers
  • 18 Autographed Certificates of Participation
  • 20 Fuel Discount Cards for parents and volunteers. Each Fuel Discount Card offers $5 off gas with savings of 5 cents per litre, up 100L.
Image of the three Esso Medals of Achievement.

Rolling out your program.

The Esso Medals of Achievement program can be customized to meet your individual needs – there really is no one way to implement it with your team. However, here are some suggestions on ways it can be used.

  • Beginning of season: Hand out Fuel Discount Cards to parents and volunteers
  • Throughout the season: Reward players with Achievement Helmet Stickers
  • End of season: Award the three medals and distribute certificates
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Share the passion.

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