Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Car with Esso gas pump

Esso is Oracle Red Bull Racing’s official fuel partner

We supply the Formula One® team with Esso™ Synergy™ race fuel while providing world-class engineering support throughout the 2022 race season.

Bringing race-proven technology to the road

Esso Synergy race fuel technology bolsters Oracle Red Bull Racing’s high-powered RB18 race car, helping to enhance the hybrid turbo power unit’s performance. In a gasoline engine, cleaner combustion means more power.

Our Esso™ engineers aim to achieve better and cleaner combustion to help Oracle Red Bull Racing achieve maximum power and efficiency. And what we learn on the track helps us develop Esso Synergy fuels that help the efficiency of your car’s engine.

A sport defined by extremes

Drivers feel G-forces similar to heavyweight punches. Race cars achieve speeds of 370 km/h. Fuel is injected 500 times per sec

The latest Formula One® race season brings new challenges. Wider tires + more aerodynamic downforce = more speed, more Gs and more stress on the drivers. Esso Synergy race fuel technology helps Oracle Red Bull Racing go faster.

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