Esso™ Medals of Achievement
Esso Medals of Achievement.  Founded in 1981.
Registration for the Esso Medals program is closed for the season.

Celebrating minor hockey players

The Esso™ Medals of Achievement program celebrates minor hockey players who show dedication, growth and sportsmanship. It provides coaches and team administrators with tools to acknowledge their player’s achievements on and off the ice and encourage them throughout the season. Plus, for all the early carpool drives and trips to the rink, the program includes free Fuel Discount Cards to thank team parents and volunteers.

Many NHL® and Team Canada players earned Esso™ Medals of Achievements early in their hockey careers. Esso is proud to support the next generation of hockey players. The program is free and available to minor hockey teams across Canada while quantities last.

Image of 3 Esso medals achievement.
Most Dedicated

They spend their weekends on the driveway practicing slapshots. They come to practice early and stay late. And most importantly, their team always comes first.

Most Sportsmanlike

They’re always cheering on their teammates and bringing up morale, even in the most challenging situations.

Most Improved

They’ve pushed beyond their limits. They’re coachable and take in all the feedback they can. They’ve made leaps and bounds from their first day of practice to the last game of the season.

Certificates of Achievement

In addition to the medals, Certificates of Achievement are a way to celebrate the entire team for their on-and-off ice efforts.

To help coaches encourage players through the season, we added Achievement Helmet Stickers to the program. The stickers can be awarded to deserving players after each game at the coaches’ discretion. We encourage players, parents and organizations to share their medals and helmet stickers recipients on their preferred social platform with #essomedals.

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