Esso Medals. Minor Hockey. Major Impact.
Image of young girl in hockey jersey waving with callout that Esso Medals winners now get their name in the hockey hall of fame.
Image of young girl in hockey jersey waving with callout that Esso Medals registration is now closed for the season

The Goal of Esso™ Medals

Since 1981, Esso has been a proud supporter of minor hockey in communities across Canada. Our free Esso Medals kits arm coaches and team administrators with the tools to inspire and encourage their team throughout the season.

We’re proud to support minor hockey for all Canadians and we look forward to doing it for many years to come.

Three medals with the names Most Team Spirit, Most Improved and Most Dedicated

New Medals for New Achievements

Our medals have been completely redesigned from medal to lanyard. They now shine like the Stanley Cup® and are as heavy as a World Championship medal. Each medal also features unique grooves on their face, inspired by the skate marks left on the ice after a game.

Most dedicated medal

Most Dedicated

They spend their weekends on the driveway practicing slapshots. They come to practice early and stay late. And most importantly, their team always comes first.

Most team spirit medal

Most Team Spirit

This player has an all-around great attitude, both on and off the ice. They don’t get mad over a bad play. They cheer on their teammates through thick and thin, and the team wouldn’t be the same without them.

Most improved medal

Most Improved

They’ve pushed beyond their limits. They’re coachable and have sharpened their skills or boosted their attitude. They’ve made leaps and bounds from their first day of practice to the last game of the season.

The Esso Medals Impact

Share the Passion

We encourage players, parents and organizations to share photos of Esso Medals, Certificates of Achievement, and Reward Stickers on social media with #essomedals.

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