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Synergy Diesel Efficient™ fuel for light-duty trucks and cars.

Synergy Diesel Efficient™ fuel is our best diesel yet. Whether you’re driving an everyday car or one for a small business this diesel is made with a unique formulation with additives to help keep your engine cleaner for better diesel gas economy. Only available at select Esso™ stations, Synergy Diesel Efficient has a unique formulation that helps to*:

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    Improve fuel economy

    Lower your engine’s deposits, making a better fuel economy*.

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    Better responsiveness

    Helps restore your engine power and responsiveness*.

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    Reduce emissions

    Reduce emissions and burn cleaner*.

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    Engine protection

    Improve injector cleanliness and provide corrosion protection*.*.

Synergy Diesel Efficient FAQs

Synergy Diesel Efficient diesel fuel was developed in the same laboratories as our racing fuels. It has been engineered to help improve fuel economy,boost engine performance and reduce maintenance*.
Diesel Efficient fuel is fully formulated to help keep commercial vehicle engines cleaner for 2% better diesel fuel economy, which means less maintenance and downtime. It also helps improve mileage and deliver more power in light-duty trucks and passenger vehicles.*
Synergy Diesel Efficient fuel is at over 1,376 Esso locations across Canada. The next time you fill up your diesel car or truck, make sure to try diesel fuel that helps improve mileage and deliver more power. Just stop into your local Esso station and look for the next-generation Synergy Diesel Efficient-branded pumps. Synergy Diesel Efficient fuel for fleets is also available in select markets at our expanded network of Esso Commercial Cardlocks™.

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    Synergy Diesel Efficient fuel for trucking fleets.

    Help commercial vehicles improve their fuel economy with Synergy Diesel Efficient.*

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  • PC Optimum and confetti.

    Earn PC Optimum™ points at Esso stations.

    Earn at least 10 PC Optimum™ points per litre at Esso stations across Canada.

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    Our Fuels

    We’re committed to developing quality gasoline and diesel fuel for Canadians.

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  • Synergy Supreme is available in octane 91. Synergy Supreme plus is available in octane 93 and 94.

    Esso Supreme™ fuel.

    New Esso Supreme premium fuel is formulated to keep your engine 3X cleaner.**

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*Applies to Synergy Diesel Efficient fuel compared to diesel fuel without detergent additive. Actual benefits will vary depending on factors such as vehicle/engine type, driving style and diesel fuel previously used. Concentration and availability of our proprietary additive package may vary based upon factors beyond our control.

**All claims are based on comparison of Esso Supreme premium gas to gasoline meeting minimum Canadian government detergency standards in port fuel injected engines. Actual benefits are based on continuous use and may vary depending on vehicle type, driving style, and gasoline previously used. Concentration and availability of our proprietary additive package may vary based upon factors beyond our control, including supply disruptions.

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