IOL Sale FAQ – Esso™ Customer Questions

Imperial is gradually moving forward with a conversion of its remaining company-owned retail stations to a 100% Branded Wholesaler operating model. Many Esso stations across Canada are already operating under this model, and have been for years.

As an Esso customer, what does this sale mean to me?

You will still be able to purchase the same high-quality Product Solutions, and can continue to expect the same superior buying experience at your local Esso service stations. The loyalty programs at your local stations will also remain unchanged.

Is the Esso brand going away?

The Esso brand is not going away. We will simply be operating under the Branded Wholesaler model, a model that is already used by many of our stations across Canada. The familiar Esso oval will remain.

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A Branded Wholesaler is a company that owns and operates the station and obtains their supply of fuel from Imperial Oil, the owner of the Esso brand. The Branded Wholesaler will manage the daily operations of the Esso stations.

Will I notice a change?

No.The sale will not affect you as a consumer and you will not notice a difference.

Will my local Esso be rebranded because of this sale?

Esso stations will not be rebranded. It is possible the On The Run convenience stores may change depending on the Branded Wholesaler, but this will not affect Esso loyalty programs.

Can I still use my Esso loyalty cards after the sale (Fuel Discount Card, Extra Privileges)?

Yes. You will still be able to use your Esso loyalty cards at any station.

Can I still use my Speedpass at my local station?

Yes. Like our loyalty programs, Speedpass will operate as usual.

If I downloaded the Speedpass+ app, can I still use it?

Yes, the Speedpass+ app will continue to work at all Esso stations, including those involved in the sale.