Smart choices to help you save on gas

Smart choices  

Tips to help you save on gas.
From big decisions like purchasing a more fuel efficient vehicle to little decisions like taking the bus more often, there are a number of choices you can make that will help you spend less at the pump.
  • Choose a more efficient vehicle

    Look for the highest L/100 km – quite simply, the more kilometres your vehicle can travel on each litre of gas, the more money you’ll save.

  • Go small

    Why take a less-efficient SUV to work when a smaller, more fuel-efficient car will do? And if public transportation is an option, you'll not only save on gasoline, but also wear and tear on your vehicle.††

  • Share the ride

    Carpooling means fewer cars on the road, which helps to reduce traffic congestion and fuel consumption. And you can share the cost of fuel too.††

  • Plan your route

    Are you going out to run weekly errands, or are you just dropping one letter off at the post office and coming right home? You will essentially cut distance traveled and fuel usage in half by making all your stops at once, instead of taking lots of short round trips.††

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††Source: The U.S. Department of Energy and Natural Resources Canada