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    Pay the way you want - Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Esso™ and Mobil™ Gift Card.

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    Earn Esso Extra™ points on eligible fills at the pump by linking your Esso Extra card to the Speedpass+™ app.

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    Use the app to find participating Esso and Mobil stations near you.

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The Speedpass+™ app is innovation that makes your life easier. This free fuel app lets you pay for gas and earn rewards with the tap of a button. It’s easy. It’s secure. It’s technology. And paying for gas from the driver’s seat is sure to make you look impressive.

Download the free Speedpass+ app now

FAQ's about the Speedpass+ app

Once you have registered and onboarded at least one payment card, open the Speedpass+ app and select “Pay for fuel”. Then complete the simple transaction process on your smartphone.


Not all Esso and Mobil stations in Canada currently accept the Speedpass+ app. For the most current information of where the Speedpass+ app is accepted, refer to "Find Station" within the Speedpass+ app. The map will automatically update to show locations fitting your criteria. Or, go to the esso.ca/speedpassplus website for more information.


Launch the Speedpass+ app. Tap the menu button in the top left corner of the screen, then tap “My Account” and select the “Wallet” tab. Tap on "Payment Methods" and then tap “Add a Credit Card”. Select your preferred card from the card type dropdown and fill in all the required fields.


When you sign up for the Speedpass+ app, you can earn Esso Extra points when making qualifying eligible† purchases at participating service stations. Simply link your Esso Extra account in the Speedpass+ app and start earning Esso Extra points for great rewards.


The Speedpass+ app has security standards in place to ensure all data is kept private and secure. The initial set-up process includes customer authentication steps to confirm the validity of the customer and credit card. You can also add an optional Security Code (Passcode) by going to “My Account” then “Settings” which will be prompted every time you pay for fuel initiated from the Speedpass+ app on your phone. If you are using the Apple Watch app, you will not be prompted for the passcode to pay for fuel.


We’re working hard to make the PC Optimum program available in our Speedpass+ app; however, this functionality will not be available at the time of the program launch at Esso stations on August 9. We anticipate that the PC Optimum program will be available in our Speedpass+ app prior to year-end, and will communicate its availability as soon as it is ready. We anticipate that the PC Optimum program will be available in our Speedpass+ app in June 2019 and will communicate its availability as soon as it is ready.

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    For questions about the Speedpass+ app, email us or call 1-877-230-8344.

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    Get quick and easy online access to the information you need: check your account balance, make a payment and more.

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    Fill up on PC Optimum points

    Now earn PC Optimum points at Esso™ and Mobil™ stations across Canada.

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Some exceptions apply, including purchases of tobacco, alcohol and Esso and Mobil Gift Cards. Refer to the complete Esso Extra program rules and regulations for details at essoextra.com.

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