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Keeping the supply moving

Spring wildfires in Alberta destroyed a vital link in the Northwest Territory’s supply infrastructure – a Canadian National rail bridge over the Steen River that enabled delivery of fuel to remote Northern communities. CN’s repair of this important bridge has now been completed, with financial help from Imperial Oil Limited and Suncor. In the interim, Imperial also assumed the extra cost of transporting 30 million litres of fuel to points north by truck rather than rail, and supply worked hard to meet barge-delivery schedules farther north in this delivery chain.

634 truck loads of product were moved from Edmonton to Hay River (over 1000 km)

For its involvement in keeping the fuel moving at no additional cost to customers, Imperial Oil Limited was commended by the Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories.

We are pleased to support this cross-industry effort for the public benefit, and to honour our commitment to remote Northern communities.

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    Supply reliability

    We strive to bring you the product you need, when you need it and where you need it. Learn about how we maintain product integrity and find your closest terminal in our extensive network.

  • 634 truck loads of product were moved from Edmonton to Hay River (over 1000 km)

    Fuelling fleet operational efficiency: Proper diesel storage

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