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If your business uses our Advanced Customer Experience (ACE) and Electronic Digital Interchange (EDI) systems, see below for links to support and answers to frequently asked questions.
Telephone: 855-LOAD-GAS (855-562-3427)

ACE (Advanced Customer Experience)

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Your business is complex, and your time is valuable. Imperial ACE offers advanced fuel management tools that can make running your business easier. The ACE portal is mobile-optimized and is a convenient and easy-to-use suite of solutions that helps you focus on the needs of your business. It enables:

•  Simple management of service requests, user access and account profile

•  Comprehensive truck-loading data

•  Product availability at a glance

EDI (Electronic Digital Interchange)

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The Imperial Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system enables electronic data transmissions. By making interactions digital, it removes the need for slower written transactions and supports quick, cost-effective and accurate processes. Transactions that may have taken five days in the past can now be executed in hours. EDI offers your business:

•  Real-time transactions

•  A direct connection to both Imperial and third-party vendors

•  Security you can trust

•  A better customer experience

Frequently asked questions about EDI

We’ve been using EDI for decades and have well-established processes to support each customer’s unique requirements.
We use various types of EDI standards, including versions of ANSI ASC X12, EDIFACT, sFTP and HTTPs.
We support more than 1 million transactions per month. We actively use more than 20 transaction types, allowing us to do business with a very high percentage of customers.
Yes, the network is secure to protect your information. Some of the value-added networks include IBM (Sterling Commerce), OpenText and Direct EDI using sFTP.
We have EDI connections with more than 300 trading partners worldwide.
We have a dedicated EDI technical team that can support implementations and daily operations in each zone.
Yes, we have a dedicated environment available for end-to-end testing of new implementations or updates to existing specifications.
Because each implementation is unique, timing is agreed upon between you and our dedicated EDI support team.