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Operators at a terminal.

Customer terminal days a success

customer terminal day
Three Imperial Customer Terminal Days were held in Canada this year, in Calgary, Alberta; Winnipeg, Manitoba; and Sarnia, Ontario. Customers were invited to tour an Imperial terminal, learn more about our operations and chat with Imperial personnel.

We were pleased to meet everyone who came out for a Terminal Day event, and we appreciated the wide-ranging conversations, which touched on many important topics, such as:

  • Supply and logistics at the terminal
  • Terminal operations, including terminal maintenance and upgrades, manned hours and loading requirements
  • Product availability, including the possibility of new product offerings
  • Imperial customer-service features, including the ACE platform and SMS features
3 terminal days across Canada, 14 attendees per event, 33 attendees total

More than 30 Imperial employees dedicated to your customer experience interacted with attendees at the Customer Terminal Days. Imperial teams represented at the events included:

  • Commercial Marketing
  • Midstream Management
  • Terminal Personnel
  • Supply & Logistics
  • Supply Management Support
  • Sales Representatives & Managers

Thank you to everyone who came out for a 2019 Imperial Customer Terminal Day. We hope to see you again next year.

Watch for more Terminal Days coming in 2020.
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