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Imperial Oil team

Investing to improve

The Imperial team recognizes we need to stay focused on improving our supply reliability to help keep customers like you moving and growing. Since our last edition of FuelEase, we have made a number of investments to move the needle on supply reliability in Canada.

Recent investments/upgrades

  • Transloaders were established at the Winnipeg and Kamloops terminals to increase supply in the area.
  • There is continued progress on the new jet tank and loading procedure upgrades at the Regina terminal, designed to reduce jet loading times.
  • A full replacement of the Alberta Products Pipe Line (APPL) is underway, which will increase our capacity to supply gasoline and diesel to the Calgary terminal. More updates to come!
  • Our live video feeds are now up and running at the Edmonton terminal. You can now see terminal queuing in real time. Ask your Imperial contact for details on how to access the video feeds. Ottawa camera access is not yet available but be on the lookout for updates.
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    Downtime Notification (DTN) Communication

    Supply event communication subject lines have been updated to be clearer and more concise. This helps you be aware of outages for the products and terminals relevant to you. Future system updates will allow us to improve communication even further – stay tuned for details.

  • customer terminal day

    Terminal Days

    We are hosting our 2019 Customer Terminal Days in Winnipeg and Sarnia. Invitations have been sent by your local Sales Area Manager, and you can also register here. Register now!

  • fueling trucks

    How diesel fuels can help your business: What to ask your fuel supplier

    Your relationship with your fuel supplier can be crucial to your business. Asking them these six simple questions could help bring financial and operational benefits.

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    Ease of doing business

    Whether it’s terminal wait times, customer communication or product availability, we are dedicated to making your experience faster, easier and more efficient.