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Thanks for attending our Virtual Customer Terminal Days

Thanks to all of our customers who joined us for this year’s Virtual Customer Terminal Days! We enjoyed getting to speak with you and we hope the event provided a valuable look into our terminals and operations.

  • Number of Terminal Days: 4
  • Locations:
    • Lougheed, AB (July 23)
    • Nanticoke, ON; Asphalt (Aug. 12)
    • Nanticoke, ON; Fuels (Aug. 13)
    • Dartmouth, NS (Aug. 25)
  • Total attendees: 53
  • Topics discussed:
    • The driver loading process and terminal experience
    • The driver terminal card certification and training process
    • Supply availability and reliability at Imperial terminals
    • Technology used for asphalt overflow protection
    • Loading capacity of individual rack pumps, terminal rack configuration and terminal layout maps
    • Upcoming and completed projects at Imperial terminals, including MITAS installation, E-10 upgrades, and more

Watch for more Customer Terminal Days coming in 2021! Information about upcoming events will be made available on this dedicated web page.

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