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Diesel as a differentiator: The importance of diesel quality for your business

The trucking industry is going through many changes, and diesel fuels are often left out of the conversation. There are, however, important considerations to take into account when thinking about diesel fuel. The right fuel, with the right additives, from the right supplier can improve performance, reduce maintenance costs, introduce efficiencies and improve your bottom line.

With so many disruptive, innovative changes taking place across the trucking industry today, it’s not really a surprise that diesel fuels have been left out of the conversation. Although one of the more standard, albeit, necessary aspects of the industry, the mindset remains that diesel is just diesel.

Today’s reality, though, is that diesel is not just diesel and there are important considerations beyond the fuel. Using a high-performing, additized diesel fuel formulation from an experienced supplier can improve engine performance, leading to operational, maintenance and business benefits; all making a fleet manager’s job easier along the way.

Using an additized diesel fuel formulation from an experienced supplier can improve engine performance

Selecting the right supplier

Given that fuel is the largest part of the average fleet’s operating budget – between 30 and 40 percent, according to a 2016 report from the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI)* – it is important that fleet managers receive the best possible return on their investment. A reliable diesel fuel supplier, with a reputation for quality throughout the diesel fuel supply chain – from inception to handling and delivery – can help with today’s complex choices.

Increasing operational efficiency

As fleet managers continue to face pressure to boost efficiency across the board, it’s important that they are aware of the fuel economy benefits some additized diesel fuel formulations can offer. This allows managers to keep trucks on the road longer, minimize the fleet’s downtime and bring environmental benefit with reduced emissions.

While energy alternatives continue to rise in popularity, diesel isn’t going anywhere. Rather, formulations will continue to evolve as the industry looks to meet enhanced regulatory and performance standards. The 2018 Outlook for Energy: A View to 2040 expects diesel use will continue to rise globally by approximately 30 percent through 2040, mainly to meet increasing trucking demands. While diesel growth will come primarily from Asia Pacific, there will be pockets of growth in the Americas as well.

Instead of writing off diesel as just another cost, viewing it as an opportunity to boost fuel economy and fleet efficiency will be key for fleet managers who are looking to increase operational efficiencies and reduce overall costs.

Fleets that leverage the right diesel fuel formulation and supplier can find strong business incentives

industrial maintenance savings DV
Reducing maintenance costs

While improved fuel economy can help fleets meet their goal of keeping vehicles on the road longer, the heart of any engine is its fuel system, and keeping that system running smoothly is vital to increasing overall efficiency.

Of course, over time, the fuel system will eventually begin to degrade. However, in addition to using a high-performing diesel, working with a quality supplier and receiving the proper maintenance service can increase engine durability while also combatting other maintenance problem areas.

The combination of using the right product and working with the right partners can keep trucks out of the shop for longer periods and help drivers feel more confident in their vehicle’s performance.

Improving the bottom line

Vehicle and engine manufacturers today continue to develop more advanced engines and systems in an effort to meet more stringent regulations and emissions standards. As a result, it makes sense that diesel fuel has become more sophisticated and can improve the way fleets operate.

Fleets that recognize the benefits of leveraging the right diesel fuel formulation and supplier can expect to find strong business incentives for taking advantage of those offerings, including improved fuel economy and fleet efficiency, and more satisfied drivers piloting more responsive, higher-performing trucks.

To learn more about which diesel product can provide the best benefits for your business, Imperial recommends consulting with your fuel supplier and other industry leaders about the ways in which diesel can work harder for you.

*ATRI’s “An Analysis of the Operational Costs of Trucking: 2016 Update”

“2018 Outlook for Energy: A View to 2040”

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