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It’s a new day for diesel in Calgary and Sarnia!

If you haven’t already heard ... Imperial has introduced a new diesel fuel which was initially available at our Edmonton and Finch terminals. The fuel is branded Esso Diesel Efficient for commercial customers and Synergy Diesel Efficient when sold at Esso or Mobil service stations or Esso Commercial Cardlock™ sites.

Our new diesel product is formulated to help:

  • Improve power, increase engine responsiveness and reduce emissions;
  • Eliminate internal injector sticking, which can contribute to premature injector failure;
  • Provide excellent fuel system corrosion protection;
  • Prevent premature fuel filter plugging;
  • Reduce CO2 and NOx emissions.

We have recently increased our Esso Diesel Efficient™/Synergy Diesel Efficient availability by adding the product at our Sarnia and Calgary terminals. The product is now available at two loading racks in Sarnia and three loading racks in Calgary. More terminals will be added to our network in Canada during 2019.

If you are interested in learning more about how Synergy Diesel Efficient or Esso Diesel Efficient™ can help keep your business moving, please contact your Imperial sales representative.

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    Esso Diesel Efficient™

    Getting greater fuel efficiency from your fleet is crucial to your business’ financial success. That’s why we developed Esso Diesel Efficient™ fuel.

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    Diesel as a differentiator: The importance of diesel quality for your business

    Choosing the right fuel could ensure your fleet is gaining the maximum benefit from its diesel, including cost savings and improved performance.