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Trucks at terminal

Investing to improve your terminal experience

We continuously monitor our performance across our fuel terminal network to identify where we can improve our operations to benefit you. In 2017 we invested over $9M* in productivity and supply reliability projects in our distribution business to improve your experience. Here is where some of those dollars were spent, as well as where you can expect additional upgrades.

Completed investments

  • Finch gasoline rack expansion: We have installed a new gasoline rack at Finch terminal with two new loading positions to reduce the total time drivers spend in the terminal loading fuel products.
  • Expansion of Nanticoke refinery dock: Last year we doubled our inbound cargo dock capacity and ran a record number of petroleum tankers to ensure continued supply of finished petroleum products to meet your needs during the major fall turnaround at Nanticoke.
  • Third aviation fuel tank at Finch: A new aviation fuel tank was installed in Fall 2017 to improve product availability.
  • New rail logistics at Nanticoke refinery: To improve reliability in Toronto, rail logistics have been implemented to move diesel fuel and jet fuel from Nanticoke refinery into Finch terminal and Toronto Pearson Airport.
  • Imperial is now offering jet fuel in Vancouver at YVR airport.
  • Supply event communication improvements: Operational Disruption Notifications (ODNs) have been upgraded to include more detail on supply events at our terminals. We are committed to providing you with timely and accurate communications on planned and unplanned supply events so that you can manage your business effectively. This will be a continued focus area through 2018.
  • We have increased the truck offloading capability for premium gasoline (PUL) at our Calgary terminal to minimize PUL outages at this terminal.
  • Expansion of Edmonton rail yard: We have increased the in-yard rail car storage capacity at our Edmonton terminal to relieve rail yard congestion. This means we will be able to move finished fuel products out to our customers more efficiently.

Ongoing investments

Supply reliability continues to be our top priority, and we have a number of exciting improvement projects underway to make your fuel loading experience even better:

New terminal system upgrade
  • All of our terminals across Canada will be upgrading legacy systems, servers and hardware to new, cutting-edge technology.
  • This new technology will improve the rack interface and equipment reliability.
  • To minimize network disruptions, we will be converting terminals in planned phases. Expect the first terminal to be upgraded by the middle of this year and the entire network to be fully converted by the end of 2019.
Live terminal queue video streams
  • Imperial will be piloting a live video stream of queue lines at select terminals across Canada.
  • You will be able to see terminal queues in real time prior to dispatch, saving valuable driver time.
*Capital expenditures on top of other base opex spent on sustainment projects.