Compensation lake and stakeholder consultation

Compensation lakes are being built to replace fish habitat disturbed by development at a ratio of two to one. The first of these compensation lakes is nearing completion. It will eventually connect to the existing Kearl Lake and will be deep enough to allow fish to over-winter in it.

When developing the features of the compensation lake, environmental professionals consulted with local stakeholders who provided specific input about the type of vegetation to plant around the lake shore, lake depth and the types of aquatic features required to sustain a healthy aquatic population.

Kearl is an example of a large project where professionals still take the time to consult with local stakeholders to ensure lines of communication are open. Kearl will be reclaimed to a state where it is accessible by local communities and meets their traditional use requirements. This is why it is important for Kearl representatives to meet and discuss project updates with local communities.